Résonance, content

We believe the best brands tell stories, which is why we partner with our clients to create impactful work that not only represents their business, but also connects them with people emotionally.
Through strategy, design, content, and technology, we bring brands to life.

Content strategy

Our ability to feel the weak signals and perceive the great transformations of our society, allows us to put in place methods of curation and creation of contents able to establish the positioning and the reputation of a brand confronted with complex situations and changing.

Editorial Program

A prospective reflection and a particular concentration on the accuracy of our remarks. Our programs reflect our world in motion, its abundance, its crossed views. At each of our missions, we reinvent ourselves, aspire each vibration, it is by impregnating ourselves with the movements and dynamics of a sector that we create a programming that looks like it and moves the lines.

Sourcing & coaching

Identify, attract the right profiles and reveal the essence of every man and woman we invite on stage. It is by developing the potential of each, by working on topics and leaving comfort zones, that we value their vision and build the history of our programs.

Connecting talents

Promote the meeting, commit to diversity of profiles as key to the success of a project. We build relationships, break silos and create the synergies needed to create a collaborative ecosystem that can elevate and strengthen the strength of each member.

“Getting together is a start; to stay is a progress; working together is a success. Henry Ford.

Startup support

Thanks to our knowledge of the markets and the strength of our network, we love to engage our forces and support young companies in the definition of their business model and ensure the visibility of their solution at the international level.

“It is high time
to reignite the stars…”

– Guillaume Apollinaire.

in process.

Resonance expresses itself naturally in places of innovation by sharing coherent and diverse models of speech-making to illuminate the many facets of an individual, of an entity, with the sole objective of revealing one’s creativity.

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They are our print, moments of meetings and collaborations creating value. They are the illustration of our view of the world.

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Our core values shape everything we do. They form the DNA of our team at all levels. We consider them a set of principles that allows us to express ourselves and create experiences that define us.

Juliette de Sarnez

Juliette de Sarnez

La Plume
CEO & Founder

Louise Couchaux

La Longue Vue
Head of Content Strategy
Simon Wattelet

Simon Wattelet

Le Roc
Content & Project Manager
Julia Pistre

Julia Pistre

La Catalyse
Project Manager

Noé Topaloff

Le Doc
Content Manager
Hadrien De Visme

Hadrien de Visme

Le Pinceau
Art Director
They come and go, they are the best of us and they join us when necessary.
Think, Move & Spread.


When we develop a vision, it’s based on knowledge, research and experience.


We love our work, so we continually strive for excellence. If It’s not of the highest standard we won’t send it.


We do to achieve excellence. We challenge ourselves and those we work with. Making the uncomfortable comfortable.


It’s not about how something looks, but how it feels. We love design when it’s made from innovation. Attention to detail is everything.


Rely on the best players in the field, enhance their expertise, connect them to create synergies.

We have the chance to work with top companies. They challenge us and trust us, they support us and push us constantly to move forward and resonate our work.

It is together that we redefine the codes.